The Path

The PathWhat is the Path?

The best way to explain the path is that, it deals with diagrams going from different angles, such as the straight line, triangle, circle and the square box concepts.

In each diagram one is doing different things, attacking and defending, changing structure all the time, going through different paths of attack in combat.

The first thing one must do is learn to understand the concept of the diagram. Mainly because if one takes the wrong path he or she may get hurt.

There are many points to this diagram, one can take the long or short path, all depending on the situation of the fight. An experienced person who know the diagram very well will always take the right path.

The diagram has many points and one can learn so much from it, for example the centre point of the diagram represents a person and the lines going away from the centre represents the attacking lines or the defenses lines.

The black and white represent the harmony with oneself and their partner in practice, also it represent the hard and the soft energy concept. When one mixes the two energies together you will get a balance in mind and in body, giving you a physical and mental state of mind, which is very important in learning martial arts. Practicing Wing Chun is a two way process, some times one person may have more experience or perhaps less experience however they still need each other to practice the concept of the diagram to improve. One can not fight by oneself alone. An example is, if two people don’t engage with each other then how can one know he can defend himself or know the right path, when the path can be a long journey or a short one depending on the experience of the individual.

By Sifu Michael Louison

The Path

‘Knowing that there is always more to learn and experience, patience is our greatest teacher!’