The diagram below illustrates the lineage of David Robinson

David has been fortunate to meet and train with many Wing Chun practitioners, who have inspired him in his development and method of teaching Wing Chun. His 2 main influences are listed below.



Sifu Santiago Pascual

Sifu Santi Pascual

Santi Pascual began the practicing martial arts in 1978. In 1985 he started in the Wing Chun system, but it was not until 1986 when he met his teacher, Nino Bernardo, that he started his true training in a progressive and orderly manner, allowing him to understand and complete the whole style.

He has also been one of the lucky ones to meet and train with his Si-kung Grandmaster Wong Shun Leung, famous among other reasons for teaching some Wing Chun to the great martial artist and actor Bruce Lee.

During his training period, he trained at the Ving Tsun Athletic Association of Hong Kong (1994), of which he is a member and certified instructor.

Also for research, Sifu Santi has traveled to different parts of the world to meet famous masters such as Moy Yat and Jim Fung.

At the end of 1987 and under the approval of his teacher, he began to teach Wing Chun classes in his first school called "The Garage". Years later, with the encouragement and collaboration of his oldest students, he founded the Wing Chun Wong-Shun-Leung Association, from which he continues to teach and also give courses both locally and nationally. Si Fu Santi Pascual’s goal  is to raise awareness of the Wing Chun system in a clear and comprehensive way, often collaborating with different magazines to publish articles and interviews related to this art.

Also of interest is his work as a practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine in the areas of Acupuncture and Tuina, a work for which he is very passionate, together with his teaching of wing chun.


Sifu Michael Louison

Sifu Usamah Michael Louison

Sifu Usamah Michael Louison dedicated most of his life doing Wing Chun having a variety of teachers in the past including Sifu Nino Bernardo, Sifu Wong Shung Leung & Sifu Ng Chun Hong. He has managed to find a balance in his life through both his martial arts and his religion Islam which is a way of life. He is an exceptionally good-natured man, whose calm nature prevents him from letting negativity gain a foothold in his life and his way of teaching.

Sifu Louison incoporates the physical and mental aspects of Wing Chun to bring out the best in his students. Teaching Muslim and Non-Muslims all in the same class, watching them step by step. He teaches by looking for the best in students character.

It is very essential point in Sifu Louison's method of teaching that when students are practicing, they should learn how to work together in harmony with each other.